Willow and Bee


In the beginning Willow and Bee started as a way to create jewelry that was safe for my daughter to wear.  I wanted her to have jewelry that she loved, but safety had become a big concern.  I set out to make her pieces that were safe, fun, beautiful, and timeless.

The Willow in the name represents me (I have always loved the tree's large embracing weeping willow branches) and the Bee is my daughter Nadia (she has always been a busy bee!). Together, and with my mom's encouragement, we have built something that has become an amazingly fun journey.


Willow and Bee has continued to grow through the years, but my mission has stayed the same.  I create custom pieces that meet the same standards I had when I first started designing for my daughter.  My pieces are elegant and timeless, and safe to wear.  I believe we all deserve to have a piece that can be cherished and be special regardless of your age!