First Communion Checklist Printable

For so many of you First Communion is just around the corner!  I can remember how exciting it was to plan and prepare for their big day.  Here is a free checklist to help you get a few of the main items off your mind and onto a list.  I left room for a few notes.

Try as we might things never seem to go 100% perfectly.  I was a little bummed on Nadia's big day that everything felt a little chaotic, but then I decided to just embrace it.  Here is a picture of us four.  Nadia's shoes are not strapped on, Ethan is squinting/smiling, Justen may or may not have his eyes open, and I'm trying to look normal.  This gem is printed and hanging in our hallway.  It's these silly little moments that make up life.

I hope your plans fall into place and that your First Communicant has a fun and memorable day! 

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